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Find the Right Commercial Building

Renting the right commercial building is a very personal decision. You want everything about the property you select to be just right. After all, the needs of your company vary from the requirements of another. Moving into the first building you see may not be the best choice. Instead of settling for second-best, follow these tips to ensure you find the right commercial building for your business.

Create a Wish List

Close your eyes and envision the perfect commercial property. What do you see? Before you start searching for buildings, write down your non-negotiable and nice-to-have requirements. For instance, you may prefer high ceilings but absolutely need natural light. Creating a wish list for your ideal workspace will make it easier to sort through current listings. It will also ensure you don’t rent a space you outgrow before the lease expires.

Consider the Location

The location of the property should be on the top of your priority list. Too many business owners assume they can operate their company from any location, but this isn’t always the case. Those who regularly meet with clients, for example, need a space that’s easily accessible. However, if you run an industrial facility, you may want to look on the outskirts of town to save money.

Business Image Matters

How do you want your clients, customers, or employees to view your company? The right commercial building should reflect your business image. Trendy, high-tech companies may feel at home in a warehouse or loft with exposed beams, for instance. But those who handle more white-collar clients may prefer a traditional office space.

Parking Is Paramount

Before signing a lease, make sure you ask about the parking situation. Is there a free car lot, or will you have to pay an additional fee? And will your clients or customers be able to park easily? Parking may not be an issue if the building is near public transportation. But if you plan on commuting to work each day, you don’t want to spend extra time searching for a parking spot.

Know Your Budget

How much can you really afford to allocate towards rent? You may find the perfect building that has every amenity you could ever possibly want. But if it’s out of your budget, you should look elsewhere. Know the true cost of renting the building before you sign a contract. In addition to the base rent, there may be additional fees, including taxes or zoning costs. Set a firm budget, and stick with it.

Find the Right Commercial Building with the Right Real Estate Firm

Searching for a commercial rental property on your own is like trying to find a needle in a haystack. You need someone who knows how to negotiate a fair commercial lease and who will advocate for you. When the time comes to rent a new space, hiring a commercial real estate firm is perhaps the best decision you can make.

McBride & Ceballos Commercial Real Estate wants to help you sign the lease on your next office, retail space, or warehouse building. No matter your business’s needs, our team will work diligently to ensure you move into the ideal space. We take pride in representing our clients from start to finish. Check out our reviews, and contact us today to find the right commercial building for rent.