Atlanta, Georgia

Ask Yourself This Before You Look for Commercial Space – Part 1

Before you look at your first property or make an appointment to tour or make your first lease proposal, you have to start at the beginning. You have to define your requirements. There are a number of important questions to ask to accurately define your requirements. As brokers, there are a number of questions we ask our clients to move from a rough idea of their needs to a clearly defined objective. We will use this information to screen out unsuitable properties once we start to make calls on available sites.

To define your requirements, you first have to answer a lot of questions. In part one of this article, we’ll consider location and general questions.

Take look at what you’ll need to ask yourself before you look for commercial space.

  • What geographic areas are of most interest to you?
  • Is visibility important?
  • How many square feet will you need?
  • How many employees will be at this location?
  • What is your annual budget for rent, CAM, taxes, and insurance?
  • What length of the lease is preferable?
  • Is future expansion important?
  • When does your company intend to move in?
  • When does your current lease expire?
  • What are your parking and transportation needs?
  • Will your employees need access to public transportation?
  • Do clients visit you often?
  • What kind of image would you like to establish?

Asking these questions and others in advance will save you time and avoid starting in the wrong direction. Committing your requirements to paper will also help you as you visit properties to make sure nothing is overlooked. In part two of this article, we’ll look at questions to ask regarding space configurations and in part three we’ll look at typical qualifying questions a landlord might ask you. Of course, there are many more questions we ask our clients before we look at commercial space.

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