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If you own commercial property in Duluth, you already know how attractive it is for business. Boasting a highly trained workforce, a strong network of innovative companies, and a favorable tax structure locally and within the State of Georgia, Duluth has earned its strong rebound from the past recession. maximize your return when you sell a commercial building in Duluth, GA. 

Fix the first impression.

Take an objective stance and imagine you are a potential buyer. Are there rusty gates or overgrown grass to handle? Is there a storage room full of junk nobody has taken the time to sort through? Every one of these things can make people walk out the door, as most don’t necessarily see potential beyond all the visual clutter. 

Furthermore, good landscaping—new fencing and trees, for example—can accelerate the sale of a property, as can sprucing up a parking lot with new pavement and sealant and painting new lines. A power wash of a building can also create renewed curb appeal. 

The roadway onto your property, should it be private, must be well maintained. Potholes do not boost return on investment. Should there be outbuildings, make sure they don’t look neglected. 

Check the top. 

For many buyers, the roof is a critical component when they are considering a property. Given the potential for tenant complaints and disputes, once the purchase is complete, a fully intact roof (or, more importantly, not) can make or break a sale. 

Likewise for the inside. Check ceilings for water leaks and other damage. Replacing tiles is a small price to pay to close a deal. 

As always, location matters. 

If you are planning to sell a retail or restaurant property, where it’s located can be as—or more—important than the actual property because of access to a solid customer base. In your marketing efforts, concentrate on traffic generators (including other businesses in close proximity, such as grocery stores, gas stations, and banks), and the benefits all of these elements confer on the property. 

Help buyers visualize. 

Not everyone can see what is possible with a property. On your own or with a talented stager, set up an environment that is inviting for its purpose.

Buying or renting a new couch to replace that saggy brown one and replacing that scratched coffee table in the lobby can yield dividends, as it will help potential buyers think about how their business could thrive in the space. Clutter is a no-no—think minimalism, as a clean, neutral space will be inviting, and a place people can imagine wanting to be. 

Don’t go wild with paint colors, but make sure everything gets a fresh coat ahead of sales time. And uplifting artwork—it doesn’t have to be original or expensive—can provide a pop of color and happiness in an otherwise sterile space. 

Keep it clean. 

Especially in office buildings, buyers will want things pristine. Again, the lobby is the first impression. Carpets should be shampooed, closets must be organized and dusted, and plants need to be thriving. And it goes without saying: Bathrooms must be immaculate. Any immediate issues will raise questions in a potential purchaser’s mind. He may think about what else could be lurking in the property and send them looking elsewhere. 

Green is the new black. 

Consider first your air quality, which is growing as a priority for many tenants and customers. If you use a cleaning service, highlight their use of environmentally friendly products and high-end air filters. 

In addition, make sure your lighting is energy efficient. Utilize motion sensors, light timers, and high-efficiency bulbs to minimize energy use. 

The same goes for water. Installing low-flow sink faucets and dual-flush toilets can save hundreds of gallons over time. This will appeal to investors looking to maximize their returns. 

Remember, signage is key. 

Finally, if you’ve hired a commercial real estate company, make sure their signage is striking, memorable, and extremely visible. Of all the marketing efforts you and your broker make, putting out a clear message on the property itself is by far the most likely to make it move. 

With a range of major sectors—including health care, IT, fulfillment, and manufacturing—becoming more attracted to the area’s business-friendly environment, opportunities abound for the sale of commercial real estate. 

At McBride & Ceballos Commercial Real Estate, we have achieved solid results through our detail-oriented and professional seller representations. So, let us help you get the most out of your asset in Duluth. 

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