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What a prime time it is to sell a commercial building in Lawrenceville, Georgia. Located about thirty miles northeast of downtown Atlanta, Lawrenceville has all the advantages of proximity to one of the world’s great cities and hottest real estate markets. Lawrenceville, in other words, has what every property buyer wants: location, location, and location. But Lawrenceville isn’t just another Atlanta bedroom suburb. It instead has its own standing as the seat of Gwinnett County. With about a million residents, Gwinnett County is Georgia’s second-most populous county, nearly the size of Atlanta’s Fulton County. Lawrenceville also boasts an active downtown development authority and Chamber of Commerce. Business and the arts are booming in Lawrenceville.

More to Selling Than Location

Yet as great a time as now is to be selling your Lawrenceville commercial building, a successful sale requires much more than timing and location. Selling a commercial property timely, without undue delay, at the right price, and on the right terms, requires smart decisions and wise actions. Simply owning the hot property isn’t enough to guarantee a successful sale. What you decide and do can still make a big difference in your outcome. You don’t want just a sale. You want the right sale, at the right time and price, and on safe and sound terms to the right buyer.

To sell your commercial building in Lawrenceville, GA on favorable terms, you need these four things:

  • thorough market listing
  • competitive pricing and commission structure
  • the property ready for sale; and
  • the right sales agent

Thorough Market Listing

With seemingly everyone on the internet looking at the same sale properties, sellers can have the misimpression that a listing is a listing. Listings, though, are not all the same. Just because buyers can find a sale property on the internet doesn’t mean that the right buyer will find the right property while drawing the right impressions. Skilled listing agents don’t just get a sale property into some internet-accessible database, hoping that a buyer shows up. They also aggressively market to investor lists and broker lists, using their extensive networks to interest the right buyers. They also get the right information and images in the right form to those buyers, while following up on buyer leads and following through with skilled showings. Listing is a skilled science and art, not a routine function.

Competitive Pricing and Commission Structure

Pricing your Lawrenceville commercial property competitively is also critical to a successful sale. Ideal pricing isn’t as simple as getting the highest possible price. If a poor pricing strategy, such as starting way too high, delays the sale, then those extra dollars come with risk and carrying costs. If a high price also comes with a high commission, then the commission may more than swallow the extra profit. You need the right pricing structure, one that sells the property on your preferred timetable, for your maximum gain, net of commissions, and other transaction and carrying costs. Pricing, like listing, is a skilled science and art, not throwing out wild figures.

Readying the Property for Sale

Premier commercial properties with great fundamentals sometimes just don’t show well. Wear and tear can run down a commercial property, just as it can residential properties. While the numbers are king in a commercial transaction, buyers still evaluate commercial properties emotionally, just as residential buyers do. Readying the commercial property for sale need not mean expensive repairs and renovation. But you need to see your Lawrenceville commercial property through the eyes of a buyer. Readying a commercial property for sale involves making smart decisions about what to fix or change to help the property show well. Sellers of commercial property don’t necessarily have those skills because they see their property through an owner’s eyes, not a buyer’s eyes.

Choosing the Right Sales Agent

Each of the above critical steps on the way to a successful sale of your Lawrenceville commercial property requires expertise. Your biggest decision to achieve a successful sale is thus choosing the right expert. Choosing a selling agent isn’t as simple as going with the biggest firm with the largest number of listings. Big firms with big operations can miss important details, especially when they depend on junior associates who lack well-developed skills. You need a listing agent who has both the finest expertise and the greatest dedication to your sale. You need a selling agent who will spend the hours necessary to evaluate your Lawrenceville commercial property, prepare a compelling listing and supporting materials, educate you on readying the property for sale, help you price the property competitively, and follow-through. 

Let McBride & Ceballos Help You Sell Your Commercial Building in Lawrenceville GA

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